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Back Pain

How Lower Back Pain is Improved by Exercise

Most people suffer from lower back pain at one point or another, but treating it remains hit and miss. Research reported by Reuters says that 80 percent of all people will suffer from some sort of back pain during their lives. An estimated 90 percent of all chronic pain sufferers are prescribed opioid pain medications…

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Solar Eclipse

TOTALITY: The Great American Solar Eclipse

From Oregon to South Carolina, Americans will see the sight of a Solar Eclipse that has left mankind trembling and astonished as long as humans have walked the earth. The Great American Total Eclipse will be one for the record books as totality junkies from across the globe hurry to the best viewing destinations. On…

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How To Keep Your Energy Level High All Day

If your energy level varies from high to low during the day, making adjustments to your diet can help. According to Weill Cornell Medical Center, food increases energy in three ways. It provides enough calories for your body to run; it delivers stimulants like caffeine; and it pushes your metabolism to burn fuel more efficiently.…

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happy mature couple in the swimming pool

Seniors Swim Their Way To Health

High blood pressure, bad balance, arthritis — these are common problems for seniors. Still, all the experts say you should get out there and exercise. If traditional exercise just hurts, why not try swimming? Swimming is the ideal exercise for people with joint and muscle pain. The buoyant water takes the pain out of much…

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Sleep Better News

Steps to Better Sleep

For Individuals with Sleep Apnea Here are some science-backed alternative options to help those with sleep apnea. Bear in mind, however, that since the root causes behind sleep apnea vary, a remedy that cures one person might do nothing for another. You’ll need to find the combination that works for you with some or all…

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Cultivate Your Motivation

No Motivation = Fail Personal Development Trainer Sid Savara gives you these seven proven tips on how to get motivated. He says, “Today is the day. It’s time to make the most out of your life, and that means, it’s time to get motivated.” Break out of your motivational funk. No. 7. Find your mantra.…

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keep your body moving at work

Get Moving

For better health: Get up, stand up, move around Researchers are studying the negative effects of sitting for extended time periods, both at the office and by the TV. Dr. Allan Hedge, a professor at Cornell University, says for every half-hour working in an office, people should sit for 20 minutes, stand for eight minutes…

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New Customer Setting Up US MED Account

More Boomers Want to Keep Working

It’s about more than money At age 70,  businessman, author and speaker George Fraser is not retired and he has no intention of retiring…ever! Fraser is one of a growing number of aging Baby Boomers who are continuing to work well into traditional retirement age. Robert Levinson is another example. He’s 89 years old and…

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Get Fit News

A Healthy Retiree is a Happy Retiree

You can see yourself taking a swim in the pool of a fancy Hawaiian resort, riding a bike through Central Park in New York or hiking in a beautiful national park. The vision makes you feel wonderful and your retirement time is not so far away. But will you be strong enough and fit enough…

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