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Insulin Pump and CGM News Release

US MED Launches Insulin Pump and CGM platform through their “Rapid Response Care Program”

Doral, FL., September 28, 2017 / — US MED, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of Diabetes testing supplies and related products, is pleased to announce that they have added Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) supplies to assist in the treatment of Diabetic patients.

Over the past twenty years, US MED has provided medical supplies to over 600,000 Diabetic patients. The Mission at US MED is to provide value-added services that enhance patient quality of life and reduce the overall costs of care. From removing the patient’s burden of insurance claims processing, to helping patients obtain prescriptions directly from their physician, US MED is a patient advocate that assists in navigating through the complex world of diabetes care.

The addition of Insulin Pumps & CGM enables US MED to provide next level enhancements in proactively managing the diabetic disease state. With the recent Medicare announcement for reimbursement on CGM product codes, US Med is well positioned to begin offering treatment for this patient base. US MED is one of the sole providers for DME under Competitive Bid, as well as an active member for Medicaid and regional & national private health plans.

US Med’s recent launch of the “Rapid Response Care Program” for Insulin Pump & CGM, is a patient-centric approach to enhance therapy treatments, with a focus on positive patient outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

Please visit US MED at www.usmed.com to learn more about their products and services.

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