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US MED’s Employee Care Program joins the Autism Speaks Walk 2018

US MED’s Employee Care Program joins the Autism Speaks Walk 2018
Autism Walk Design

US MED’s Employee Care Program joins the Autism Speaks Walk 2018.

US MED understands the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and thus developed the “US MED Employee Care
Program.” Several activities in the past year have been part of the Employee Care Program, such as Angel Program, Partnership with
Kiss 99.9 to provide cards to seniors in ALFs, Health & Wellness Fair and more.
CSR is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for
all stakeholders. Hence US MED’s focus on the triple bottom line: people, planet and revenue.
In efforts to continue this initiative, US MED is joining the Autism Speaks Walk on Sunday, April 29th at Doral Central Park. The
Autism Speaks Walk is the world’s largest autism fundraising event dedicated to improving the lives of people with autism. Our strength
as a community is powered by love and built on the commitment of individuals like you and me.
Please join US MED in fundraising for Autism to enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow. Your
participation and fundraising efforts as a part of the US MED team will fuel the research and critical lifelong supports and services that
mean so much to so many. With your help, we can make a difference!!!

If you would like to learn more about Autism Speaks Walk, visit www.AutismSpeaks.org

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Insulin Pump and CGM News Release

US MED Launches Insulin Pump and CGM platform through their “Rapid Response Care Program”

Doral, FL., September 28, 2017 / — US MED, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of Diabetes testing supplies and related products, is pleased to announce that they have added Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) supplies to assist in the treatment of Diabetic patients.

Over the past twenty years, US MED has provided medical supplies to over 600,000 Diabetic patients. The Mission at US MED is to provide value-added services that enhance patient quality of life and reduce the overall costs of care. From removing the patient’s burden of insurance claims processing, to helping patients obtain prescriptions directly from their physician, US MED is a patient advocate that assists in navigating through the complex world of diabetes care.

The addition of Insulin Pumps & CGM enables US MED to provide next level enhancements in proactively managing the diabetic disease state. With the recent Medicare announcement for reimbursement on CGM product codes, US Med is well positioned to begin offering treatment for this patient base. US MED is one of the sole providers for DME under Competitive Bid, as well as an active member for Medicaid and regional & national private health plans.

US Med’s recent launch of the “Rapid Response Care Program” for Insulin Pump & CGM, is a patient-centric approach to enhance therapy treatments, with a focus on positive patient outcomes and high patient satisfaction.

Please visit US MED at www.usmed.com to learn more about their products and services.

US MED launches SugarLink.health

US MED launches SugarLink.health to provide its customers with educational content and grow its online community.

US MED (one of the nation’s leading suppliers of medical supply products ranks among the top five home delivery providers of chronic care supplies) recently launched SugarLink.health to provide its customers with educational content and grow its online community. Over the past twenty years, US MED has provided medical supplies to over 600,000 patients and prides itself on not being a typical medical equipment provider. US MED is an organization that provides value-added services that enhance the patient’s quality of life and reduce the costs of care. From removing the patient’s burden of insurance claims processing to helping the patient obtain prescriptions directly from a patient’s physician, US MED acts more than a medical supply store, but as an advocate to patients in navigating the often confusing world of diabetes care.

Due to their staff’s unwavering commitment to their customers, US MED is an industry leader in patient satisfaction. 96% of US MED’s patients state they are very satisfied or satisfied with US MED’s products and services. US MED began its business in 1996, solely providing products to patients with Type 1 diabetes. As the diabetes industry’s landscape changed, US MED began offering tailored products to patients with Type 2 diabetes. By collecting constant customer feedback and placing the patient voice at the center of its growth strategy, US MED began offering additional medical products that patients expressed that they needed (e.g. urinary catheters, braces, cpap, nebulizers and medications, and insulin pumps).

“At US MED, we approach diabetes holistically and patient-centered by not focusing just on delivering diabetic supplies and medications, but providing resources to its patients for better disease management. We are very excited to launch SugarLink.health to further our mission of providing the best customer experience to our patients.” explains Adaris Balboa, US MED’s Manager of Sales Operations and Marketing.

“Our organization is constantly developing innovative programs to supplement our customers’ experience. We offer a Connected Diabetes program which uses a wireless, cellular-enabled glucose meter to transmit readings along with a wraparound clinical monitoring platform to manage adverse readings and reactions.” From an outside perspective, the diabetic and medical supply industry may appear traditional, yet US MED constantly adapts its offerings coveting patient-centricity as it unveils new services to its customers both in products and online.

“At dotHealth, we are ecstatic to partner with a company that continuously and creatively supports hundreds of thousands of patients across the nation. We are very proud to have US MED’s recent initiative SugarLink be built on a .health domain.”

Jose Ignacio Rasco CEO of dotHealth.

Original content source: https://get.health/blog/sugarlink/

Check out the recently launched SugarLink.health and follow US MED on Facebook and Twitter .

Blind Diabetes Group News Release

Blind Diabetes Group Formed to Enable Blind Diabetics to Gain Independence and Live Well with Diabetes

Doral, FL., June 29, 2017 / — US MED, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of Diabetes related products, is pleased to announce that they will be joining with leaders in the blindness industry to form the Blind Diabetes Group.

The mission of the Blind Diabetes Group is to provide the highest quality diabetes products, audible training, and peer support in effort to ensure members live healthy and independent lives.

VisionAwareTM and the National Federation of the Blind Diabetes Action Network are two of the groups providing access to audible living with diabetes & blindness training materials. Blind Diabetes Group members are asked to listen to about 15 minutes of living with diabetes and blindness training materials each week. Senior Center Without Walls has made available a Blind Diabetes Peer Support Group. Blind diabetics from across the country join in a weekly 45 minute conference call to discuss what they learned from that week’s training materials and how to put it to use! Group members are welcome to talk or just listen in.

US MED will offer the AFB and NFB Access Awarding Winning Prodigy Voice glucose meter to members with Medicare and select Private Health Plan coverage. Medicare and health plans determine the reimbursement pricing and co-payments required. US MED can also offer the meter as a cash option.

For additional information, visit the Blind Diabetes Group page to sign up and get started making friends and learning how to live well with diabetes and blindness.

US MED has contracted with Jerry Munden, former Prodigy Diabetes Care Vice President and recipient of the 2011 National Federation of the Blind Bolotin Award, to be their primary connection to the vision impaired population. Jerry has lived well with diabetes for 45 years himself and he has a passion to help others to do likewise.


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