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Meet Our Medical Experts

We employ credentialed medical equipment experts to ensure that our content is vetted and our customers receive accurate advice and training.

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Accurate and Trustworthy Content

US MED strives to ensure that our content is trustworthy and upholds a high standard of medical integrity. To that end, our team of healthcare professionals review all of our content to ensure the information we provide reflects standard of care guidelines.

Our Medical Review Team

Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

Shirley DeLeon

Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist
Shirley has been a Registered and Licensed Dietitian for over 20 years. In 2012, she became a Nationally Board-Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist. In 2020, Shirley completed the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists' (ADCES) Continuous Glucose Monitoring Certificate Program. To compliment her clinical knowledge, she has extensive experience training patients on using insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems. Shirley also has a considerable amount of experience in diabetes management and prevention along with training and helping others with their weight management. Shirley is passionate about helping patients unlock their human potential and loves to empower others to make healthy lifestyle changes.
Todd Giller

Todd Giller

Respiratory Therapist, National Clinical Manager
Todd Giller is a Certified Respiratory Therapist since 1993 and is currently licensed in 16 states. He earned his degree from Atlantic Technical Institute in South Florida. As an experienced CPAP specialist in home medical equipment, Todd is also a national clinical team leader who specializes in patient and staff training, as well as troubleshooting and compliance monitoring. He has specialized in all forms of mechanical ventilation including: CPAP, Bilevel, ASV, Auto Bilevel and CPAP and AVAPS modes on Trilogy Ventilators and has many years’ experience working both critical and sub-acute care. Todd is a dedicated clinician, very focused on patient care and education.
Rusty Peck

Rusty Peck

Director of Sales, Urology and Catheter
Rusty Peck joined US MED in 2014 as a Urology Account Executive. During his tenure with US MED in the Urology field, Mr. Peck has worked with some of top Urology practices in the South East including Georgia Urology Atlanta, GA, Urological Associates of Savannah, GA, Vanderbilt Urology Nashville, TN, MUSC Charleston, SC and Urology Associates Nashville, TN. Rusty has a passion for relationship building and collaborating with physician offices and their patients to ensure the highest outcomes in patient satisfaction and comfort associated with self-catheterization. Mr. Peck is well versed in all types of catheters, as well as their features and benefits. He uses his Urology expertise to properly assist each physician's office, and their patients, to determine which catheter is right for every patient.

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