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Insulin Pumps

Insulin Pump Therapy

Precision • Flexibility • Freedom

US MED’s diabetes specialists are available to discuss the insulin pump options to better manage your diabetes. We offer the top insulin pump brands and related supplies, including Tandem and Insulet.
Tandem Tslim X2 Insulin

Tandem® t:slim X2®

Compatible with Dexcom G6 CGM

Insulet OmniPod

Insulet OmniPod®

Talk to your doctor about
insulin pump therapy.

Advantages of using insulin pump therapy:

• Flexibility: Pump therapy gives you the freedom to eat, sleep, exercise on your own schedule.

• No more injections: On insulin pump therapy you only change your infusion set about three times per week.

• Precision: Precise insulin delivery to better control your blood glucose levels around the clock.

The following qualifications are needed to begin insulin pump therapy:

Do you check your blood glucose levels 4 or more times per day?

Are you currently administering multiple daily injections with frequent self-adjustments
of insulin dose for at lease 6 months?

Contact US MED at: 1-877-659-9875 to find out if you qualify for insulin pump therapy and we will handle the rest!

We take Medicare, Medicaid, and over 500 private insurance plans nationwide.

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