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More Boomers want to keep working

More Boomers want to keep working

It’s about more than money

At age 70,  businessman, author and speaker George Fraser is not retired and he has no intention of retiring…ever! Fraser is one of a growing number of aging Baby Boomers who are continuing to work well into traditional retirement age.

Robert Levinson is another example. He’s 89 years old and recently finished his fifth book, Management Savvy. He says, “I live in a retirement community. Three-fourths of the guys I’ve asked said, “I retired too early, and I’m sorry I did.”

According to USA Today, in 1991 the Employee Benefits Research Institute said 11 percent of workers expected to retire later than age 65. That number was 33 percent last year. And 10 percent didn’t plan to retire at all.

Larry Rosenthal, president of Rosenthal Wealth Management Group in Manassas, Va., says making the choice to retire or continue working is turning into a lifestyle choice. At age 60, some people say they can’t stand the pressure and they’re tired of working. They are not fully funded for retirement but want out of a high-stress job.

One employer asked a pre-retiree to stay on as a part-time contract employee and he’s loving that.

Levinson contends that there’s far too much emphasis placed on the financial aspect of retiring. More emphasis needs to be on the psychological aspect. At the same time, only 27 percent of workers say  they expect to be able to retire at age 65.

One financial advisor knows his clients are working because they want to. But the future expense for health care is a huge unknown for everyone. The costs are difficult to anticipate and most folks are wisely being cautious.

George Fraser has another view. “I’m 70. The average black man lives to 72.  I’m not wasting a minute of time doing what I don’t enjoy doing. If I’m lucky, I’ll live until I’m 80.”


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