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Diabetes Daily Routine: Healthy Diabetes Management Tips

Routines create habits. And when it comes to diabetes, a healthy routine can lead to better quality of life and more time in range. In this piece, we’ll share an example daily routine and tips to turn healthy choices into habits!

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The Top 20 Best Foods For Diabetes Control

There are foods out there that can help regulate blood sugar. This list of the top 20 foods is broken down into fruits and veggies, proteins, carbs, and beverages, so dig in!

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What Body Shape Says About Health | Diet & Fitness

Learn all about different body shapes and what each shape might reveal about your health and well-being.

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Foods High in Magnesium | Diet & Fitness

Magnesium plays a crucial role in anyone’s healthy diet – including people with diabetes. It contributes to over 300 chemical reactions in the human body! To make sure you’re getting enough of the magnificent mineral known as magnesium, read on for US MED’s list of magnesium-rich foods.

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Diabetic Friendly Drinks | Living With Diabetes

Are you looking to enjoy a tasty drink from time to time? Living with diabetes doesn’t limit you to water. There are multiple drink options to enjoy.

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Can Blood Sugar Cause Mood Swings? | Mental Health Matters

How Does Diabetes Affect Mood and Relationships? In this piece we’ll talk about mood swings impacted by blood sugar highs and lows and the impacts of dealing with this complex disease.

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Insulin Shock Treatment | Type 1 Diabetes Management

If you have diabetes, you already understand the crucial role insulin plays in the human body. Learn more about insulin shock, hypoglycemia, and its treatments.

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Type 1 Diabetes That Starts in Adults | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Were you aware that type 1 diabetes could start after your teen years? If not, you might be worried about the possibility of it affecting you. To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to type 1 diabetes in adults.

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7 Unknown Advantages of The Diabetes Diet

Managing diabetes means caring about your whole-body health. Following the Diabetes Diet will help lower blood sugar, but it also does so much more. From weight loss to cancer prevention this diet helps from head to toe!

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