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Advantages of Wearing a Back Brace

Advantages of Wearing a Back Brace

Chronic back pain is a condition that plagues many people, young and old. This explains why so many people find themselves using back support braces for additional support. A study by The University of Maryland Medical Center states that 60 to 80% of adults in the U.S. have lower back pain, which is also the leading cause of disability in the country.

Causes of Back Pain

In many cases, back pain is due to strained muscles. This can be caused by anything from poor posture to awkward movements to lifting heavy items in an improper way. However, genetics and other medical conditions also play a part. Spinal deformities and scoliosis both are common reasons to buy a back brace. Others include osteoporosis, arthritis, weak spinal muscles, and stress.

Back Brace Types

Back braces are considered and orthotic type of device. They are build to immobilize, support, and treat problems related to the skeleton, joints, and muscles. It is highly common for a physician to prescribe one to be used for various problems. There are two main types of back braces on the market today. One is soft and one is hard. The harder, more rigid design is build to treat conditions such as scoliosis. They can restrict your range of movement by up to 50%.

More commonly, an elastic, soft brace will be prescribed. These compress the abdomen, along with muscles and joint sin the area. This helps to support muscles and allows you to make forward motions with the spine. A large number of back support brace users only require them when they are doing overly physical activities that might lead to injury.

Advantages of a Back Brace

There are many great things that can come of choosing to use a back brace. We’ll list a few below:

  • Can alleviate back pain
  • May immobilize injured areas to assist with recovery
  • Can make movements like standing and sitting more comfortable
  • Are able to lessen pressure on the spine with heavy lifting
  • Can improve your posture and elongate your spine

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US Med offers an assortment of back braces to fit your varied needs. These devices can make walking, driving, and standing easier than you can ever remember. US Med is known for offering high-quality medical supplies and offering customer service specialists who take pleasure in helping. To learn more about our products you can reach us by phone at 877-840-8218.


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