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Continuous Glucose Monitoring (C.G.M.)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (C.G.M.)

Get Accurate Blood Glucose Monitoring

While some diabetics only need to check their blood sugar levels a couple of times a day, those who are suffering from more severe forms of diabetes may require continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). This constant monitoring will ensure their glucose levels remain at safe levels, allowing them to make any necessary adjustments throughout the day. At US MED, we carry a variety of monitors designed to provide this valuable monitoring service to save lives.

Small, Wearable Devices

All of the CGM systems we carry are small and easily worn without causing too much discomfort or being obvious. We understand it’s no one’s business but yours that you suffer from diabetes and want to provide you with an accurate way to monitor your glucose levels, even when you need continuous monitoring. These monitors offer 24/7 monitoring to alert individuals of high or low glucose levels.

A Variety of Models

We don’t carry just one glucose monitoring system; we carry several models, so you can find the one that provides the best features to meet your needs. CGM is essential for individuals who are suffering from severe diabetes and need to keep a close eye on their glucose levels at all times. We make sure to offer the best brands in the business, so everyone can get the quality monitoring they need to stay healthy and ensure their disease is under control.

Browse through our selection of blood glucose monitoring tools so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


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