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How to Make Halloween Enjoyable for Children Living with Diabetes

How to Make Halloween Enjoyable for Children Living with Diabetes

How to Make Halloween Enjoyable for Children Living with Diabetes.

As Halloween approaches, it can prove to be a difficult time of the year for the parents of diabetic children.

It can be easy for them to feel left out when faced with limitations to the treats they may consume.  Consulting with a healthcare professional to determine safe alternatives is key.

Another important step is closely monitoring blood sugar levels for a safer holiday experience.

Focusing on other aspects of the holiday helps these kids avoid alienation from participation.  Letting them decide their costume, help with decorations, and planning an eventful party are just a few examples.

Toys and other activities such as pumpkin carving are great alternatives to high-sugar sweets and edibles.  But if the child is to have some, it’s best to combine it with a healthy meal to reduce the amount of insulin needed.

Keep a lookout for treats being sneaked by you.  Communication is critical, as some younger ones might not understand why others can have more candy than them.  Emphasizing discipline while expressing empathy will go a long way in mutual understanding and gaining trust.

Having a plan to mitigate candy consumption and being creative in the alternatives makes all the difference.  This holiday goes beyond sweets & treats and making your children aware of this will open their minds to other healthier activities..

More can be read here: Happy healthy Halloween tips for kids with diabetes

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