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Diabetes Testing Supplies

Diabetes Testing Supplies

Fast, easy, and convenient home delivery.

US Med is one of the country’s leading providers of diabetes testing supplies and we would like to make your life a little easier. Our testing supplies are delivered right to your door to help you focus on managing your diabetes. We offer the top meter brands, including True Metrix, Embrace, and Prodigy.

TrueMetrix Air Glucose Meter

True Metrix Air

Embrace Glucose Meter


Prodigy Voice

Prodigy Voice

Prodigy Glucose Meter

Prodigy Autocode

Prodigy Pocket

Prodigy Pocket

Redi Code Glucose Meter

Advocate RediCode

Save time and money with US MED’s home delivery.

Get all your diabetes testing supplies from US MED and enjoy free home delivery, educational materials, diabetes newsletter, friendly refill reminders, dedicated customer care team and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We carry blood glucose meters and batteries, testing strips, lancing devices, lancets, and control solution.

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Diabetes Testing Supplies March 30, 2017