July 5, 2023

10 Natural Ways to Combat Diabetes

With diabetes cases increasing in America, it’s more important than ever to take action. If you need to know how to fight diabetes naturally, these ten tips from US MED can help.

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10 Natural Ways

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Diabetes is discouragingly common in the United States today. In 2020, the National Diabetes Statistics Report found that 34.2 million people in the US have this disease – an amount equivalent to 10.5% of the American population. While there’s no known way to prevent some types of diabetes, you can avoid other types in many cases.

Are you wondering how to fight prediabetes? The diabetes experts at US MED have compiled a list of some common-sense strategies you can put to use. Read on for our top 10 ways to lower your risk of developing these conditions.

1. Diabetes Prevention: Start Early

When it comes to diabetes development, a few factors are crucial to watch out for. One of these factors is genetics. Meanwhile, a lack of activity will most certainly cause weight gain, further increasing risk factors.

Along with diabetes, a condition known as prediabetes is on the rise. In this condition, blood sugar levels are heightened but are not yet at their peak. Excess visceral fat stored in the body and lack of activity causes cells to stop responding to insulin for absorption of sugar in the blood. Prediabetes is seldom tested for, but people aware of this condition can take advantage of this opportunity if they know how to prevent diabetes.

2. Lose Weight to Combat Diabetes

Excess weight is the main reason why many people have an elevated risk for type 2 diabetes today. Weight gain can lead to extra fat gathering around organs located in your midsection, particularly under stressful conditions due to the stress hormone known as cortisol. New studies indicate that this buildup of fat around the abdomen produces a chemical signal to your cells, instructing them to ignore insulin, reducing blood sugar absorption.

Studies have shown that losing just 7% of your body weight can lower your risk of diabetes by 58%. That makes weight loss a more viable option than insulin-sensitizing drugs for diabetics. Quick cardio exercises 5 times a week for 30 minutes can be beneficial.

That said, eating right is still an essential part of weight loss and overall health. A great way to follow a healthier diet is to cook your own nutritious meals. US MED can help – take a look at our collection of diabetes-friendly recipes! While these recipes can enhance a diabetic diet plan, they’re just as useful for people interested in diabetes prevention.

3. Cut Out Sugary Drinks

Get used to only drinking water, club soda, unsweetened tea, and fat-free milk. Cutting out all sodas, fruit punches, sweetened iced teas, and other such beverages can go a long way towards lowering your diabetes risk. A single daily serving of soda increases the risk of increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels by a whopping 44%.

Experts have spent much time speculating why this is the case. However, the caloric density of sugary drinks and the high-fat foods we tend to eat along with these drinks may have something to do with it. Findings also show that drinking a single serving of soda each day has been correlated with being overweight. Food or drinks with a high content of sugar, salt and fat can cause an addiction.

4. Get Active and Limit Your Inactivity!

Daily activity helps reduce people’s chances of developing diabetes by moving blood sugar into muscle cells and increasing cell sensitivity to insulin. Meanwhile, limiting inactivity, such as watching TV, to 10 hours a week can cut your diabetes risk by up to 43%. A night at the gym or other activities such as hiking, bowling, and dancing can be great forms of “fun” exercise.

5. Cut Back on Fast Food

Can fast food lead to diabetes? In one study, people who ate two servings of red meat (such as the meat found in hamburgers) per week were 26% more likely to develop metabolic syndrome. Add a helping of fried foods such as French fries to that equation, and that risk rises by another 10-25%. These foods tend to be high in saturated and trans fats, which are detrimental to lowering risks for diabetes.

6. Watch Your Diabetic Diet Plan for Unhealthy Fats

The saturated fats found in fast foods like hamburgers can clog your arteries and increase insulin resistance. They can also cause inflammation, which is harmful to cells – including those that manage blood sugar.

Meanwhile, “good fats” like those found in foods such as fish, olive oil, nuts, and avocados can lower your diabetes risk. Lowering saturated fat intake to 7% of total daily calories can significantly reduce people’s risk of diabetes.



7. Eat Breakfast

Research indicates that those who skip breakfast are 35-50% more likely to be overweight or have insulin resistance than those who do. Overnight fasting puts your body into “starvation mode,” and your body has to compensate to keep your blood sugar levels up. Meanwhile, not having breakfast reduces insulin sensitivity and increases appetite throughout the day, resulting in progressive weight gain.

If you haven’t made a habit of eating breakfast in the past, you may be unsure what to eat at this time of day. Fortunately, we have an extensive selection of diabetic breakfast recipes that can help you get started!

8. Diabetes and Depression: Focus on Your Mental Health

When you’re depressed, you’re not nearly as likely to find yourself eating well and exercising – and the health hazards don’t end there. Studies have shown that depression changes body chemistry in a way that’s detrimental to people at risk for diabetes. Some women with depression who participated in the study had 23% higher insulin resistance than women who were not depressed.

9. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

A constant lack of sleep will eventually lead to weight gain and reduction of insulin sensitivity. In one study of 1,709 men, researchers found that men who got an average of 5-6 hours of sleep each night doubled their risk of developing diabetes. Studies found the same result for women.

Has it been challenging to get your ideal amount of shut-eye recently? US MED’s blog on the steps to better sleep may make this easier for you.

10. Know Your Body Shape

Regardless of body weight, women with waist measurements exceeding 35 inches or more and men with midsections of 40 inches or more tend to have fat stores deep in the abdomen. Unfortunately, that can triple the risk of diabetes. It is not as simple as merely watching your total body weight – you need to be aware of your body’s shape, as well.

Choose US MED For Diabetes Supplies

Fighting type 2 diabetes naturally doesn’t have to be complicated! We hope the advice we’ve shared here will make it easier for you to understand how to defeat diabetes naturally.

Meanwhile, US MED can meet all your diabetes-related needs if you or a loved one already has diabetes. Take some time to explore our products, including continuous glucose monitoring systems, insulin pens, and diabetes testing supplies!

Shirley DeLeon Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist

Medical Review by Shirley DeLeon, Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

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