staying active at work

Shoes Make the Difference in Foot Pain

The workday can seem long when your feet hurt. Podiatrists at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine give this advice: Heels – Notoriously bad for your feet, heels cause a painful knot on the back of the heel, according to WebMD. Wearing heels constantly leads to a permanent, bony protrusion called the pump bump.…

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Strong Child in Wheelchair

Special Education for Children Living with Paralysis

August is the month of back to school. Stores are busy, traffic is back, and it’s time to place that alarm clock at least 1 hour before than your regular time. For parents with children living with paralysis, back to school means a lot more planning and preparation. It is important that you understand your…

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thermometer in the sky, the heat

Learn How to Avoid a Medical Emergency

Heat and humidity add up to danger and if you know the signs, you can quickly avoid a medical emergency. Emergency rooms see an increase in cases of heat stroke and dehydration in July and August. The American College of Emergency Physicians gives this advice on how to stay safe in hot weather: Check the…

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