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Why Home Delivery?

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Reorder Supplies

It’s easy to reorder your supplies online with US MED. Enrollment is quick and simple.

Why Home Delivery?

Since the inception of the telephone, customers have always tried to find ways to make their shopping experience a quick and painless one.

Home delivery is rising in every industry

Today it’s harder to find something you can’t buy online. With everything imaginable available for delivery right to your door, shopping online is expected to meet or slightly exceed “bricks and mortar” shopping in the near future.

Home delivery is convenient.

It’s one of the reasons many people choose to shop online for anything, really. You can have the product of your choice delivered to your home with limited effort on your part. Plus the availability of that product you want is better than going from store to store to find it.

Home delivery saves you time.

From the comfort of your home, your supplies could be ordered online. We make it simple & easy for our patients to reorder their supplies or even enroll to receive supplies for the first time.

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