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As of July 1, 2024 US MED® will no longer dispense CPAP supplies. We recommend purchasing supplies through Nationwide.

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Effective July 1, 2024, US MED is focusing on enhancing our leading diabetes product lines. Consequently, we have decided to discontinue offering CPAP/BiPAP products.

We understand this change may impact some valued customers, and ensuring continuity of care is our top priority. To facilitate a seamless transition, we have partnered with Nationwide Medical. They are available to assist our customers with uninterrupted CPAP/BiPAP supplies.

Nationwide Medical, Inc. is committed to excellence in patient care within the CPAP industry, providing comprehensive respiratory therapy solutions with superior service and support. They enhance quality of life through regular follow-up care, efficient supply delivery, and 24/7 clinical support. Partnering with numerous insurance providers and healthcare professionals, Nationwide Medical strives to be the premier choice for CPAP products and services. For a smooth transition, please visit Nationwide Medical's transition portal.

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Despite this change, our commitment to supporting customers with diabetes remains steadfast. We continue to offer a comprehensive range of diabetes products, including:

  • #1 Distributor for FreeStyle Libre Systems Nationwide
  • #1 Specialty Distributor for Omnipod Dash
  • #1 Fastest Growing Tandem Distributor Nationwide
  • #1 Rated Distributor in Dexcom Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • #1 in Google and Facebook Ratings Among Large, National Diabetes DMEs

Exceptional customer service is central to our mission, and we are dedicated to ensuring every customer receives the support they deserve.

We appreciate your understanding during this transition. Rest assured, we remain committed to providing the best service possible to our customers. Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty to US MED.

Frequently Asked Questions - SLEEP APNEA

All US MED CPAP members will be transitioned to Nationwide Medical starting 7/1.

In order to better serve our members living with diabetes, we have decided to focus exclusively on providing the best care and services for diabetes products.

Nationwide Medical is one of the leading CPAP suppliers in the US. They have been in the CPAP business for over 20 years and carry all makes and models of CPAP machines and supplies.

Nationwide can be reached at 888-777-3038 and has a website . However, members do NOT need to contact Nationwide now. US MED will be handling all existing member needs until June 30th. New members transferred to Nationwide will be informed of the transfer and the account noted, this process started 5/31.

Members don’t need to reach out to Nationwide until their order is due. US MED will be transitioning all necessary paperwork to Nationwide at the end of June.

You will need to contact Nationwide and inform them that you have a new CPAP provider.

US MED is only transitioning the CPAP line of business to Nationwide. If a member receives a CGM or any other diabetes products from us, they will continue to receive their CGM supplies (and diabetes products) from us uninterrupted.

Nationwide has 90 % coverage with the same payors as US MED. When members transition to Nationwide and their new benefits are run, that will determine a member’s coverage.

We aren’t going anywhere! We will continue to service diabetic supplies, CGM, insulin pumps and supplies. Members can reach out to the CPAP line for returns, exchanges and refunds for 120 days (about 4 months) after July 1st.

Orders returned to US MED will be refunded and notice of the return will be sent to Nationwide. Exchanges will be sent to Nationwide, and the new supplies will be sent from Nationwide. Refunds for orders that originated at US MED will be refunded by US MED and notification will be passed to Nationwide.

Returns, exchanges or refunds for orders originating at Nationwide will be handled by Nationwide.

Nationwide has assumed ownership of all CPAP and BiPap machines and will be handling any warranty issues, broken machines, exchanges, etc.

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