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CPAP Masks & Sleep Apnea Supplies

Rest assured your sleep apnea CPAP products and supply needs are covered with US MED, including masks and accessories.

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From CPAP/BiPAP pillow nasal masks to nasal masks and full face masks, find just what you need.


CPAP Pillow Nasal Masks


The Rio II Nasal-Pillow Interface allows the angle of the Pillows Reservoir to be adjusted to a more customized, natural fit.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Wizard 230

The Wizard 230 has an intuitive fit with comfortable headgear providing flexibility & stabilization.

 Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large

Brevida CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask

The Brevida™ is a nasal-pillow mask that inflates to form a gentle and effective seal. Designed for confidence. Built for comfort.

 Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large 

Nasal Masks

Wizard 210 Nasal Mask

The simple but effective design of the WiZARD 210 brings users an easy good night’s sleep.

Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large

Viva Nasal Mask - US MED

The Viva’s revolutionary design assures comfort with minimal facial pressure point.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Eson 2

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s best performing nasal mask is now even better

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Sleepnet Ascend Gel

The Ascend Gel has maximum comfort and minimum weight. The patented AIR°gel® minimizes pressure points and skin irritation.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Wisp Nasel CPAP Mask

Wisp combines the performance and comfort of a nasal mask with the aesthetic elegance of a pillows mask.

Sizes: Petite, Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large

Full face CPAP Masks

Wizard 220

The simple but effective design of the WiZARD 220 full face mask brings users an easy good night’s sleep. Featuring soft silicone cushioning and a quick release headgear buckle.  

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Simplus Full CPAP Mask

The F&P Simplus CPAP mask features three key components, the RollFitT Seal, ErgoFormT Headgear and Easy Frame which all combine to provide easy adjustments and quick clean-up / maintenance. 

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Numa Full Face Mask

The Numa full face CPAP mask has a simple 2 piece construction with silky soft ergonomic cushion and ultra-quite ventilation. Includes built-in oxygen ports and quick release tabs.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large


The Dreamwear full face is designed to provide an effective but comfortable seal with minimal contact that prevents red marks, especially on the bridge of the nose.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large


CPAP Machines are easy to use but do require set up by a Licensed Respiratory Therapist to program your machine remotely and walk you through safe use of the machine. If you have received a machine with US MED and need to conduct your initial set up please contact 877-876-3358 option #4 to speak with a Respiratory Therapist. Once you’ve connected the hose to your machine and mask, you can simply put on the mask, turn on your machine, and sleep normally. The machine’s air pressure level will be set ahead of time based on your needs.

Place the machine on a flat sturdy surface even with, or lower than, your head. A nightstand or any sturdy surface where the machine is sufficiently supported, the hose and mask can reach your bed, it can be plugged into an outlet (do not use a surge protector or extension cord), and it can easily be turned on will work.

To receive the full benefits of CPAP therapy, you should use your CPAP machine for the entire night. Most insurance providers require a minimum of 4 hours per night for a minimum of 21 out of 30 days to be compliant with therapy.


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