February 28, 2024

Best Blood Glucose Meters for 2024 | A Curated Guide

For people with diabetes, blood glucose meters aren’t just helpful—these devices are an essential component of any worthwhile diabetes management strategy. Still, some glucometers are better than others, so we’re here to shine a light on the best glucose meters…

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For people with diabetes, blood glucose meters aren’t just helpful—these devices are an essential component of any worthwhile diabetes management strategy. Still, some glucometers are better than others, so we’re here to shine a light on the best glucose meters on the market. And since you’ll be using your meter so often, it’s wise to put some effort into finding the one that genuinely meets your needs. 

Have you just received a diabetes diagnosis, or are you simply in the market for a new glucometer? Either way, you can get started by checking out our curated guide to the best glucose meters available on the market, including here, at US MED, in 2024.

Understanding Glucometers

testing blood glucose with glucometerDiabetes patients often find it challenging to keep their blood sugar under control. To make sure your glucose stays within range, you’ll need a way to track your blood sugar levels. As you might expect, glucose meters play a crucial role in this process.

A blood glucose meter (AKA “glucometer”) is a small device designed to measure the glucose levels in your bloodstream. By checking your glucose throughout the day, you can get regular updates on your blood sugar and take steps to keep it in range. That means using a glucometer can help improve your mood and energy level while lowering your risk of serious diabetes complications later in life.

Glucose Meters vs. CGM Systems

These days, traditional blood glucometers aren’t the only product people with diabetes can use to track their glucose levels. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. These devices overlap with glucometers in some ways, but they also have some critical differences

Unlike standard glucometer, CGM systems provide constant glucose readings without the need for fingerprick testing. These systems typically rely on wearable devices that measure glucose levels and transmit this data to a reader or compatible smart device. But while CGM systems are far more convenient (and far less painful) than glucometer, they come with a significant catch.

As of 2024, even the best CGM systems can’t truly replace traditional blood glucose meters. If you’re using one of these systems and your readings don’t align with your symptoms, you’ll have to return to the older glucose analysis method. That means it doesn’t matter whether or not you use a CGM system—either way, you’ll need to include a glucose meter (and associated supplies like test strips) in your diabetes supply kit.

How to Use Your New Glucose Meter

The process of using a blood glucose meter begins when you collect a blood sample from your fingertip—for that, you can use a traditional or safety lancet. Once you’ve drawn a drop of blood, you’ll need to place it on your glucose meter’s test strip. Your meter will then analyze the test strip and provide a reading of your blood sugar level.

While this should give you a general idea of how to use your glucometer, it’s important to understand that not every product in this category works the same way. Before using a new glucose meter for the first time, be sure to review its instruction manual for more specific guidance.

2024’s Best Glucose Meters

At this point, you know the definition of a glucose meter, how to use these products, and more. Now, it’s time to take the next step by choosing a glucose meter that fits your needs. When you’re looking for the best glucose meter on the market, you’ll want to consider factors like:

  • Noteworthy features.

Any glucose meter will be able to give you updates on your blood sugar. However, some of these products go above and beyond with the inclusion of features like audio feedback and alternate site testing.

  • Accuracy.

No matter how many features your glucometer has, it won’t be worth using if it can’t deliver reliable results. While a certain level of variance in readings is considered acceptable, prioritizing accuracy in your search for a glucose meter is always a good idea.

  • Ease of use.

Technology can be confusing, but that shouldn’t be the case for something as critical to your health as a glucose meter. Instead, your glucometer should be highly portable, offer a clear data display, and be simple to operate.

  • Insurance eligibility.

Like any form of diabetes equipment, you’ll have to pay for blood glucose meter—but this cost doesn’t have to break the bank. Before investing in a glucose meter, make sure your insurance will cover both the meter and the test strips you’ll use along with it.

Some of the finest glucose meters available for purchase today include:

True Metrix Meter

The True Metrix glucometer’s signature feature is its Triple-Sense Technology, which allows it to spot, analyze, and correct for variables in a provided blood sample. This device can also deliver results within four seconds, store 500 test results with time and date information, provide averages across seven, 14, and 30 days, and do much more.

Prodigy AutoCode

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the Prodigy AutoCode is a no-coding glucometer. But you might be surprised by this device’s other features, including audio guidance in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

Embrace Glucose Meter

The Embrace glucose meter offers a sleek design, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on functionality. When you use this device, you’ll enjoy benefits like a large, easy-to-read display and audio feedback.

Where to Buy Glucose Meters and More

With all these glucometers to choose from, you’ll need to put some serious thought into which one you buy. Even so, selecting the best glucose meter for your needs is only half the battle. After that, you’ll need to find a reputable diabetes shop that offers your meter of choice.

At US MED, we’re pleased to sell all the high-quality glucometer featured above. Of course, these aren’t the only diabetes-related products we offer—we’re also your one-stop shop for other diabetes testing supplies (including glucometer strips), insulin pumps, and much more. Order the diabetes supplies you need from US MED today!












Written by: US MED Staff

Reviewed by: Shirley DeLeon, CDCES

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