December 6, 2023

The Role of Technology in Diabetes Management: From Apps to Continuous Glucose Monitors

Since its discovery in 1921, insulin has played a central role in treating type 1 (and, in some cases, type 2) diabetes. But while this was undoubtedly a milestone in the history of diabetes management, technological progress hasn’t stopped there….

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Since its discovery in 1921, insulin has played a central role in treating type 1 (and, in some cases, type 2) diabetes. But while this was undoubtedly a milestone in the history of diabetes management, technological progress hasn’t stopped there. Much more recent developments have also led to notable improvements in the lives of people with diabetes.

Do you still rely solely on “old-school” devices like glucometers and insulin syringes for diabetes treatment? If so, you might be missing out. Read on for a closer look at how downloading an app or using a CGM device, smart insulin pen, or closed-loop system can help you reinvigorate your diabetes treatment plan.

How Technology Can Help You Live With Diabetes

From new approaches to insulin delivery to advanced glucose monitoring devices, these are some of the most exciting technologies used for managing diabetes today:

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

If you have diabetes, you know keeping track of your glucose levels is a big part of living with this disease. Diabetes patients were once required to perform finger-prick tests whenever they wanted to check these levels—an inconvenient process that can cause physical pain.

These days, people with diabetes don’t always have to rely on this method of blood sugar testing. If you find and purchase the best continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for your needs, you’ll get constant updates on your glucose levels. While using one of these systems, you’ll wear a discreet sensor that takes glucose readings and sends them to a smartphone or dedicated reader. Thanks to that convenience, you should find it easier than ever to manage your glucose levels with a CGM system.

A CGM device can cut down on your need to use a glucometer, but these systems aren’t meant to supplant typical blood sugar testing. If your CGM readings don’t align with your symptoms, you’ll need to go back to standard glucose testing for some time. Because of that, you should still keep your standard blood glucose meter around after purchasing a CGM system.

Hybrid Closed-Loop Insulin Pumps

On its own, a CGM device can be a game-changer for people with diabetes. But when they’re used along with a compatible insulin pump, these devices can make life easier for diabetes patients in another way: by acting as part of a closed-loop system (or “artificial pancreas”).

In a hybrid closed-loop insulin pump, a CGM system measures a user’s glucose levels as usual. However, it also sends this data to their insulin pump, which adjusts or pauses the flow of insulin in response. After a while, the CGM will record its wearer’s new glucose level and send that reading to the insulin pump, restarting the process.

Hybrid closed-loop insulin pumps aren’t for everyone; ideally, you should be at least somewhat tech-savvy before using one of these devices. These systems also aren’t fully automated, meaning you’ll need to make adjustments every so often. However, an artificial pancreas can lower your decision fatigue while reducing your risk of blood sugar lows, making this an appealing treatment option for many people with diabetes.

Smart Insulin Pens

Closed-loop systems aren’t the only technologically advanced insulin delivery strategy worth mentioning here. Along with that, you’ll want to know about smart insulin pens

Like any other insulin pen, people with diabetes use these devices to inject insulin more conveniently than they could with standard syringes. However, these devices work alongside smartphone apps to offer capabilities such as:

  • Calculating insulin doses
  • Reducing your likelihood of skipping/missing doses
  • Automatically tracking doses of insulin
  • Letting you know when insulin has expired or gone outside of its temperature range
  • Sharing diabetes data with your healthcare team


Now that you’ve read about industry-leading hardware in the diabetes management field, it’s time to learn how software can help you manage diabetes. A few highly-regarded diabetes apps available on iPhone and Android include:

  • Fooducate. Though a successful diabetes management strategy requires more than just meal planning, creating and following a diabetes diet is still a vital element of living a healthy life with this disease. Fooducate has information on hundreds of thousands of foods—when you scan these items’ barcodes, you’ll get a “grade” from A to D which indicates how healthy they are.
  • mySugr. If you’re looking for an all-in-one app for diabetes management, give mySugr a look. With this app, you’ll get features like glucose tracking, carb counting, bolus dose calculation, and much more. Plus, sending charts and data from mySugr to your healthcare team is a cinch.
  • Bezzy T2D. Unlike some of the other diabetes apps listed here, Bezzy T2D doesn’t focus on features like carb counting or blood sugar tracking. Instead, this app aims to help people with type 2 diabetes make interpersonal connections and get the support they need while managing this condition.
  • Relax: Stress and Anxiety Relief. This app isn’t specifically designed for diabetes patients, but there’s no denying the fact that stress can cause major health issues for diabetes patients. Thus, the deep breathing exercises and guided meditation sessions offered by Relax could have a significant positive impact on your diabetes strategy.

Get the Best Continuous Glucose Monitor and More

Managing diabetes isn’t easy, but there are ways to simplify this process—and that includes adopting new technologies. By rethinking how you inject insulin and track your blood glucose levels, you can reduce the anxiety and inconvenience associated with diabetes control. But to reap the benefits of advanced diabetes technology, you’ll need to know where you can purchase these products.

Whether you need a CGM device or advanced insulin delivery technology, US MED has what you’re looking for. Thanks to our firm commitment to customer service, A+ BBB rating, and free priority shipping, we’re the nation’s number-one supplier of these products and other diabetes supplies. Place your order today, and explore our blog for more helpful diabetes management tips!

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