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Braces: Back, Ankle, Knee, Wrist

Braces : Back Support, Ankle & Wrist Braces

DDS Back Support Brace

Back Braces

  • Relaxes muscle spasms, muscle cramps, strain
    and pain
  • Helps maintain proper posture
  • Can be worn under clothing
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
Wrist Brace

Wrist Braces

Targets a wide variety of diagnoses including carpel tunnel, sprains and localized arthritis!

  • Designed for stabilization and support of the wrist
  • Maximum breathability
  • Features a fully adjustable strapping system
  • Durable design ensures a long product life
Ankle Support Brace

Ankle Braces

  • Patented heel control strapping system
  • Targets a wide variety of diagnoses including acute and chronic ankle sprains; chronic ankle instability; osteoarthritis; syndesmosis sprain
  • Wide base of support at impact reduces ankle inversion
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