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Medicare AADE

The Medicare Competitive Bid Program

The Medicare Competitive Bid Program

As a component of the Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Competitive Bidding Program, diabetes testing supplies (DTS) are provided through mail order at a substantial discount for people with diabetes (PWD).  PWD must be enlisted in Medicare Part B to qualify for mail order service.  Covered DTS include blood glucose meters, replacement batteries for blood glucose meters, control solution, test strips, lancet devices, and lancets. Medicare recipients who want to have DTS shipped directly to their home must utilize one of nine authorized mail order suppliers.  Select the option “Mail-Order Diabetic Supplies.” Most suppliers will offer a link showing which brands they cover. Although, PWD should be directed to get a hold of the mail order program to confirm brand coverage and to place their order as well.

  • For people requiring insulin, Medicare will cover 300 test strips and lancets (~3 per day) every 3 MONTHS and 1 lancet device every 6 MONTHS.
  • For people who do not require insulin, Medicare covers 100 test strips and lancets (~1 per day) every 3 MONTHS and 1 lancet device every 6 MONTHS.
  • Additional test strips may be requested by the prescriber stating medical necessity.

What if the mail order suppliers do not carry the meter brand and strips I use?

You have some options, request your medical professional to provide you with a prescription that includes the meter’s brand name along with the words: NO SUBSTITUTION. They must also indicate in your medical record the reason this particular brand is required. If the mail order supplier doesn’t carry that brand, they will help you determine someone who does, or assist you in finding a brand that you and your medical professional believe is ideal for you.  Purchase your preferred diabetes testing supplies at your local pharmacy or store accepting Medicare reimbursements. You will be responsible for 20% of the price for your supplies after your Part B deductible is met.


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