March 27, 2018

9 Steps to Better Catheter Self-Management

We share the 9 steps that every catheter user should know. Self-manage your catheter with these safety steps.

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9 Steps to Better Catheter Management

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Are you living with a catheter that you manage yourself? It can be done, but there are important tips every self-managed catheter user should know. It’s important to be very in tune with your body and any changes to your health, drinking adequate amounts of water, monitoring the color of your urine and more.

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Here are 9 steps you can take to improve your experience in self-management of your catheter:

  1. Awareness – Living with a catheter necessitates that you keep observant of your body and how you are feeling at any given moment.
  2. Hydration – Drink more water over any other fluid! Restrict coffee, and think about switching out tea and decaffeinated drinks.
  3. Consistency – Liquid intake should be proportional to your body weight and consistency is way to aid in preventing catheter obstruction.
  4. Volume – The majority of people require 2,000 – 3,000 cc of water daily. For example, a 150-lb person needs 2,550 cc (10.5 glasses daily), more is needed in hot weather or while exercising.
  5. Attentiveness – Pay close attention to the color of your urine, it should be a light yellow all day. The color can be used to figure out whether you are drinking enough water daily.
  6. Observation – Should urine color change, see what you might be doing different, like in-taking less water/more caffeine or are using a diuretics or water pills.
  7. Positioning – Note where the catheter is following each change in your body’s position and relocate it if necessary.
  8. Examining – Examine the catheter by running your hand along the tubing from where the catheter exits your body to the drainage bag.
  9. Assistance – Should you need support with catheters, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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