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DEA launches Drug Take-Back Day for expired or unused prescription meds

Law enforcement agencies offering a safe way to get rid of unused prescription drugs.

 DEA launches Drug Take-Back Day for expired or unused prescription meds.

Unused prescription drugs can end up in landfills, water supplies, and into the hands of thieves as well.  It is safe and responsible to dispose these potentially hazardous substances by handing them over to the proper authorities.

The state of Alabama is about to run the 14th Drug Take-Back Day in seven years.  These programs have successfully collected over 450 tons of medication nationwide, according to the D.E.A.

These type of programs are the front lines in preventing prescription drug abuse and opioid overdose related deaths. “Two years ago, we lost more than 52,000 Americans to drug overdose, more than 33,000 of those from opioids. We urge you to do your part to keep these dangerous drugs off the streets and help end this national epidemic.”said DEA Special Agent in Charge Stephen G. Azzam in a statement

All drop-offs are completely anonymous and no private information is collected.  States such as Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi have participated in this program so far, with new collection sites being added daily.

More information and drop-off sites can be found at:

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