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Top 10 Reasons To Use Your CPAP Machine

Top 10 Reasons To Use Your CPAP Machine

Around 25 million Americans experience OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), and approximately 60% of them actually utilize a CPAP machine nightly.  Incorporating CPAP therapy can be difficult, but OSA is a risky condition that does not improve on it’s own.  Here are some top ten reasons to make CPAP a part of your nightly ritual:

1. Energy Levels

After a few weeks of consistent use, CPAP therapy may improve energy levels. (2)

2. Heart Health

Sleeping disorders can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. CPAP therapy may help significantly lower blood pressure, reducing the need for blood pressure medications. (3)

3. Variety of CPAP Machine Models

Different sleeping patterns require varied settings and features to promote healthy breathing. APAP machines for example adjust the ideal pressure based on detection of the patient’s breathing.

4. True Beauty Sleep

New research indicates patients that practiced consistent CPAP therapy reduced facial puffiness and redness promoting a more youthful appearance.(4)

5. Mutual Quality Rest

Snoring is usually due to obstructive sleep apnea, and without effective therapy, you may not be the only one losing sleep – it’s likely your bed partner is too. (5)

6. Better Intimacy

Research has shown continued use of CPAP therapy may greatly improve libido, sexual function, and satisfaction. (6)(7)(8)

7. Travel

There has been much development in travel-sized CPAP units recently, whether your traveling for leisure or work, it is essential to remember your CPAP machine.

8. Money Saver

Managing other existent diseases and complications may result in decreased doctor and hospital visits, and possibly reduce the need for prescriptions, therefore saving you time and money.

9. Better Diabetic Control

Consistent CPAP therapy can help manage diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance leading to a more stable blood glucose levels. (10)

10. Prevent Hearing Loss

Steady use of CPAP therapy can reduce and even prevent snoring which has been known to cause noise trauma and hearing impairment. (11)

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