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CPAP Pillow Nasal Masks

aloha nasal pillow mask


The Aloha™ is a nasal-pillow style interface that comes with 3 different pillow sizes. This device is extremely lightweight and quiet, and offers an in-credibly stable and comfortable seal.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • Over-the-Head strap can be worn in two different positions
  • Tubing Holder Ring allows for securing the tubing where you want it, such as over the head
  • Does not have uncomfortable “cheek flaps” or “non-breathing” silicone straps
  • • Comes standard with Comfort Wraps™
Brevida Nasal Pillow mask


The Brevida is a nasal-pillow style interface that comes with 3 different pillow sizes. Designed for confidence. Built for comfort.

Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large

  • The innovative AirPillow™ inflates to form a gentle and effective seal
  • Adjustable headgear which is designed to stay in place during sleep
  • The diffuser, which reduces noise and air draft, is washable and durable
  • Blue highlights incorporated into the mask key components assist patients with daily mask use
Pilliaro Q Pillow CPAP Mask

Pilliaro Q Pillow

The Pilairo Q has been developed to improve patient satisfaction. Designed for comfort, seal and easy use, the F&P Pilairo Q represents a highly effective nasal pillows mask with just three key components and two minimalist headgear options.

 Sizes: One Size

  • AirPillow seal
  • Adjustable headgear
  • Low profile frame


The Rio is a nasal-pillow style interface that comes with 3 different pillow sizes. This device is light, comfortable and quiet.

 Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

  • The Rio Nasal-Pillow has a unique rotating ball in socket swivel for full freedom of movement
  • At just 2.6 oz the Rio is the lightest nasal pillow mask on the market
  • One piece cushion construction, just pop in and pop out for easy cushion replacement
  • Soft silicone cushion for maximum patient comfort

Nasal Masks

IO Mini

Composed of only 2 parts, this mask is extremely easy to fit and clean. Its lightweight and small profile make it a perfect mask for patients looking for a lighter and less obtrusive mask. The iO has quiet venting and very soft silicone cushioning to improve patient comfort.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

  • Small, light and easy to fit
  • Quick release headgear clip for simple attachment and removal
  • Ergonomically designed cushion to maximize patient comfort
Wisp Nasel CPAP Mask

Wisp Nasal

Wisp combines the performance and comfort of a nasal mask with the aesthetic elegance of a pillows mask. With its minimally invasive design and superior seal, Wisp delivers the comfort and performance your patients deserve.

Sizes: Petite, Small/Medium, Large, Extra Large

  • Compact design
  • Open field of vision
  • Minimal parts for ease-of-use
Mirage Activa CPAP Mask

Mirage Activa LT™ Nasal Mask

The Mirage Activa LT nasal mask combines personalized fit and comfort with a new compact ActiveCell cushion to accommodate changing sleeping positions and pressures throughout the night.

Sizes: Shallow, Standard, Large

  • Active cell cushion technology that automatically seals and adjusts
  • Microfit dial for quick and easy adjustment
  • Slender Frame design is unobtrusive and light on the face


Eson is very ‘easy on you’ from, bag to bed. It has been designed to perform in tune with every aspect of SleepLife. F&P Eson maximizes no-fuss comfort and simplicity by minimizing manual adjustments, part and noise.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • Easy fit – Easy-Clip hooks allow for fast fitting and removal
  • With only three simple parts, it is easy to clean and reassemble
  • Design innovations maximize comfort and optimize a stable, effective seal all night

Full Face Masks

Wizard 220

The simple but effective design of the WiZARD 220 brings users an easy good night’s sleep. Its high quality silicon cushion and forehead pad provide a soft and smooth feel. The WiZARD 220 features a lightweight and contoured design that ensures great comfort and an excellent seal, offering users a better experience for sleep therapy.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • 3 palpable fixation points for easy detachment/attachment of mask cushion
  • Forehead pad with pressure distribution technology for excellent comfort
  • 360° dual swivel elbow for freedom of movement during sleep
Forma Full Face CPAP Mask

Forma Full Face Mask

The Forma™ Full Face Mask offers an improved seal and a more comfortable fit due to the interaction between the new FlexiFoam™ Cushion and the Under-Chin Design.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

  • Flexifit Foam cushion with frosted seal
  • Under the chin design
  • Glider strap with easy release cord
Simplus Full CPAP Mask

Simplus Full

The F&P Simplus incorporates three key components, the RollFitT Seal, ErgoFormT Headgear and Easy Frame, all designed to work in harmony. In combination, these components offer the comfort, seal and easy use that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks are known for.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • Easy Frame
  • ErgoForm Headgear
  • RollFit Seal
  • Advanced Air Diffuser
Respironics Amara View

Amara View

The Amara View’s incredible under-the-nose design makes it the only full face mask that won’t cause red marks on the bridge of your nose
when compared to the market leaders. Amara View is also the smallest, lightest† and has the widest field of vision of all leading full face masks. It’s easy to wear glasses, read, watch TV, and use a computer or tablet before falling asleep.*

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

  • Innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge*
  • The smallest and lightest† of all leading full face masks
  • Widest field of vision of all leading full face masks*
  • Enables wearing glasses, reading, and watching TV

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