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10 ways to curb overeating

10 Ways to Curb Overeating

It is a little known fact that people with type 1 diabetes lose production of what is called Amylin.  Amylin is a hormone secreted by beta cells that are responsible for making us feel full after a meal.  It also impedes the emptying of the stomach along with regulating rising glucose levels.

There are various factors involved that causes one to overeat such as habit, nutritional deficiencies, and food addictions/disorders.  For those with type 1 diabetes the loss of Amilyn can be a compounding issue when it comes to staving off hunger to reduce overeating.

Healthy Solutions

Here are ten things we can do to mitigate the chances of overindulging on meals, although some suggestions might work better for some than others:

  1. Start off by tracking the foods they eat and weather they provide sufficient nutrients, so that those deficiencies don’t contribute to hunger and overeating.
  2. Increasing Protein intake can promote satiety leading to an overall feeling of “fullness” after meals.
  3. During low-carb diets your body excretes more salt which can lead to lower sodium levels which in turn leads to cravings for sodium, usually mistaken for hunger and food cravings.
  4. Regular lab work during checkups can screen out potential Iron-deficiencies such as in Anemia and hormone imbalances such as in Hypothyroidism, which cause the urge to continue eating.
  5. We can often confuse dehydration for hunger, for this reason drinking plenty of water such as a large glass before eating can help you feel more full.
  6. Measuring food intake by pre-storing them into separate containers helps control portions, which can reduce temptations for second servings.
  7. Staying active, especially with outdoor activities, can distract you from wanting to eat unnecessarily.  Avoid the kitchen where it is most  likely  to tempt you to eat more.
  8. Intermittent fasting can help your body feel actual hunger and re-set your body. Just take into account glucose levels if you are diabetic and adjust basal insulin dosage properly.
  9. Eat slowly and pay close attention to what you are eating, notice the details such as color, texture, smell, & taste.  It can be benificial to focus on what exactly are you putting into your body.
  10. There are medications such as Contrave and/or Symlin can help lower appetite, lower blood glucose levels, and in turn lose weight.


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