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Prodigy Control Solution

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Prodigy Control Solution


With Prodigy Control Solution (Low), you’ll be able to ensure your blood glucose meter is giving you accurate results. This solution contains glucose - when applied to a compatible test strip, your meter’s test result will let you know how well it’s doing its job.

Prodigy Control Solution is designed for use with Prodigy blood glucose monitoring systems.


  • Shake vial before use
  • Do not freeze
  • Discard 90 days after opening or if expiration date has passed
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only

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Prodigy Control Solution is intended for use with Prodigy-brand blood glucose testing products. These include the Prodigy Voice, Prodigy AutoCode, and Prodigy Pocket blood glucose meters, along with Prodigy “No Coding” Test Strips.


Contains: 4 ml solution

Storage Temperature Range: 35.6°F-86°F (2°C-30°C)


To perform a control solution test with your Prodigy-brand blood glucose meter, wash your hands and insert a test strip into your meter. When the meter turns on, mark your test as a control solution test. Then, shake the bottle of control solution, squeeze the bottle to get a drop (which should be discarded onto tissue paper/cotton), and squeeze a second drop onto your fingertip.

Apply that drop to the test strip - if the results are within the range printed on the test strip vial, you’re good to go. If results are outside of this range, repeat the test. For multiple out-of-range results, check your blood glucose meter’s instruction manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

This solution is used for testing your Prodigy-brand blood glucose meter, in order to make sure it is working correctly.

Yes - according to Prodigy Diabetes Care, testing your meter with control solution should be done weekly, when you open a new vial of test strips, and in a number of other situations.

Prodigy Control Solution should be used within 90 days of being opened. Additionally, it should not be used if its expiration date has come and gone.

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