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Freestyle Libre 2 CGM

FreeStyle Libre 2

Check your glucose levels with a painless scan - instead of a fingerstick.*
Diabetes is complex enough. Monitoring your diabetes shouldn’t be.


  • An FDA-approved integrated continuous glucose monitoring (iCGM) system for children as young as 4 and adults with diabetes
  • Offers optional Bluetooth connectivity to alert users when levels are above or below specified blood glucose ranges
  • No fingersticks calibration required*
  • Scanning provides visibility into:
    • Current glucose reading and trend arrow
    • Last 8 hours of glucose levels via graph
    • 14-day accurate sensor readings for adults and children (See FreeStyle Libre 2 User Manual)**


*Use a blood glucose meter to confirm any highs or lows and when your symptoms do not match your sensor's readings.

**Sensor readings may be altered when taking high levels of vitamin C

FreeStyle Libre 2

Now with optional, real-time glucose alarms

For FreeStyle Libre System indications and important safety information go to:

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Price: $149.99

If purchasing with insurance, out of pocket costs are subject to verification of insurance and eligibility. Our representatives will work with your insurance company to determine coverage and will bill your insurance or Medicare directly. If there are out-of-pocket costs (ex. co-pays or deductibles), we will contact you prior to shipping your order.
Cash/Credit-only price is a discounted rate for customers purchasing without insurance coverage.

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